To the girl who got her heart broken by a boy,

I want to tell you that things will get better, but a broken heart is not something that can be soothed with fallacies. So here’s the truth: All emotions are transient. So this pain you’re feeling right now? It will soon subside, but don’t think for a second that it can’t come back out of the blue.

Currently, you have a fresh wound that is gapping open and susceptible to all sorts of crap, but it will soon scab over. The terrible, sad, dumping of a truth that I’ve learned is that sometimes those scabs get scuffed up and reopen. It sucks. There will be a day when that song will come on the radio and you will wonder if your heart is failing. There will be a day when you pass him and you don’t know if you should say hi or ignore him. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll regret it. You will see something online that you want to show him, but you know you can’t.

But you know what? Sunshine is overrated if it happens all the time. Dark clouds suck because they seem to reflect your insides, but you are your own light, sweetie. It will be a battle, but You. Will. Get. Through. This.

I truly don’t mean my words to be harsh, because I know you’re hurting. But if you’re hurting that means you gave love a chance and that is nothing to be ashamed of or sorry for. I hope you never lose that capacity to love another and to have the courage to let them love you back. Placing your heart into someone else’s hands is an act I’ve always been too afraid to do so I admire you.

You want to know the great thing about the human spirit? Tolerance. Like how that alcohol that used to make your head spin after just two drinks soon became a habit that took a lot more than a few to get you tipsy. Like doing physical activity and realizing that with perseverance your body is capable of so much more. Like sitting yourself down and forcing yourself to learn material that seems way too hard only to find out that your brain is wonderful and full of wonder. That scab will soon turn into a badass scar and you’ll wear it with pride, because you will have become a stronger woman.

I hope these words help and if they don’t—print them out and burn them.

I hope that with time your heart will stop aching.

I hope that you remember that there are many people that are here for you.



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