To the desert dweller,

You are the girl who buys herself a bouquet of flowers to have something bright on her kitchen counter. Your heart swells when you are surrounded by nature and you strive to have plants around your home.

You are the girl that craves adventures quiet and grand.

Quiet adventures like going for walks in new neighborhoods as you imagine what kind of lives those homes in the barrio hold. Or local coffee shop dates where you can sit in comfortable silence. Or visiting a brunch place that incorporates the tastes of the prickly pear desert. Or reading on warm afternoons in the park.

Grand adventures like skinny dipping in secluded parts of the woods. Or a midnight hike through the desert. Or rolling down grassy hills and running through streets in unfamiliar cities. Or explorations under bed sheets.

You find yourself constantly on the wave of nostalgia and on a trip into the future simultaneously.

No one can quite tame your soul or touch your prickly heart. Instead they stand mesmerized as your voice carries through canyons and your laughter makes saguaros shiver.

You’re a force to be reckoned with. A girl running with the javelinas and howling with the coyotes. A thrill seeker who can be found at the bottom of a waterfall and the tops of mountains.

You can catch her floating through the presidio inviting you to explore the desert with her.


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