To the empaths,

Empath (n): a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.

You are the one who needs to create as a means of release and relief. Sometimes that takes the form of creating art or music, journaling or blogging, or photography or cinematography. Many times it’s a mix of multiple things, because you rarely have a quiet brain and you want to contribute something to this world instead of just taking.

You are the one who devours others’ stories. Whether that’s with your head buried in a novel or by lending an ear to a person in need.

Often, you are the person who others come to for an emotional dump. You know you don’t always have the answer, but you can try to understand. It does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. You read between the lines and even further you listen and feel in between the lines. When this happens, it feels like shooting stars passing through your neurons and erupting in a smoky, steaming blaze at their synapses as you form new connections with others.

You are the one who cries at any extreme emotion not just sadness, but pain, anger, happiness, and love. You often feel ashamed for such an uncontrollable display of emotion, because you have been taught by this world that your tears are a sign of weakness. In reality, it is the ultimate achievement to feel another’s emotion as your own.

You often feel drained, but not just emotionally. Sometimes the emotional overload leaves you physically exhausted as well. It’s as if you are running through other human’s auras and the auras are mixing with your colors constantly. You try hard to keep your own aura from becoming a muddled, brown mess, but fail to realize that you exude iridescent rainbows wherever you go.

And sometimes you need to recharge.

Completely detach.

But this is almost impossible to do.

Many times you want to avoid people as much as possible, because you are tired.

Tired of constantly feeling, of constantly worrying that you’re not saying the right thing, or that you are giving away too much of yourself.

Your introverted tendencies take over and sometimes you admit to the people you love that you just can’t right now. Whatever that “can’t” may be doesn’t always come across as kind.

You are so busy being committed to others’ lives that you often need to be reminded to take care of yourself. Being an empath is constantly feeling stretched thin, but you are so flexible.

You are a rarity and you make the world a better place.


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