To my best friend,

You always surprise me with how much you notice. You would think I would no longer be surprised, but it’s something I don’t think I’ll ever get used to. You notice when I’m feeling off and you are able to recall the littlest facts about me that I don’t remember ever sharing.

You are the girl whose birthday fell on the day my mom finally decided to let go and leave this world. I think a lot about how you handled the news. I knew that when I called you, you thought it was for me to tell you happy birthday. I am so sorry I did that to you. You have shared more tears with me than I think humanely possible and we are only in our early twenties. I don’t think any other person could have handled this pain the way you did. You pushed back your birthday plans to meet up with me and to make sure I was okay. This is just one example of how many times you have been there for me.

A few weeks later on Mother’s Day, I cried on and off the entire day. Of course it was the weekend of finals so I was filtering in between my take home biostatistics final and trying not to get salt water on my notes. I got a message from you that you knew I was busy, but that you left me something on my car. I went outside to see a bouquet of purple flowers. My mom and my favorite color.

You always put others before yourself. I don’t know how you are able to remember the little things and to make everyone who has the pleasure of knowing you feel special, but you do it with little complaint. I am so amazed by you and your presence. Rarely do I feel so instantly comfortable with another being.

From our paint war to red light dance parties; dance dares in Barnes and Noble and countless Starbucks coffee dates, you always know how to have a good time. To us both falling in love for the first time and working endlessly to reach our goals, I am glad it is you by my side. I am so proud of the woman you’ve become and that you’ve let me be a part of that.

I cannot wait to see you walk down the aisle to marry your true love. Knowing me, I’ll probably be crying the entire time.

Thanks for being my sista from anotha mista.



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